Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hawkmoon Figures from Eureka Miniatures

A little bird tells me that Eureka Miniatures have permission from Michael Moorcock to do a "Hawkmoon" figures range.

I have seen some test shot casts and a few of the upcoming character greens.

They seem very exciting, representing so far Granbretanian troops - Soldiers of the Wolf, Vulture and Badger Orders as well as Flana Mikosevaar.

As I understand it there are plans to release others of the various orders, many of the main characters (yes, I've seen a green of Dorian Hawkmoon, and he's fantastic) and - wait for it - ornithopters!
The Kamargian Guardians will be there with both the giant Flamingo and horned Horse mounts. It's all there, people!
The sculpting style looks very much like "80s Citadel Homage", but with really nice movement through the figure. Certainly these will not be the rather two-dimensional figures of the old "Eternal Champion" range Citadel originally put out.

Very exciting times. I will put up some pictures of the samples I have, both plain inked and later on (when I've had the time) painted.