Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blatant Stereotype

Again, not a part of the core Eternal Champion range, but so cool that I just don't care.

I'm calling him an Elwherite Merchant or Caravan Captain. Perhaps he's Moonglum's uncle!

Tarkeshite Reaver

Or a Filkharian Pirate? Or even Brut of Lashmar?

This one isn't even a part of the Eternal Champion line, but looks like a near contemporary and for me its good enough to represent a typical Young Kingdoms warrior.

Pan Tang Marines

If you've got a sea-captain, you've got to have marines, right? I thought these blokes fit the bill very well, being relatively lightly equipped (all the better not to got straight to Pyaray if knocked overboard!) and not in the Pan Tang MEGA-ARMOUR.

I enjoyed painting these and would like to do some more of them as the black-robed priests Moorcock refers to in "Stormbringer". I really like the bare-headed sword-swinger. Lots of character in that face.

Anyone got some they want to part with?

Pan Tang Sea Captain

From the Citadel Miniatures 1987 Eternal Champion line. Sadly now defunct and hideously expensive on eBay. I got this one a bit cheaply because he and a few mates had their slotta-base tabs cut off so they could be stuck to some 1p pieces!. I've still got the coins - they might come in handy on that trip to the UK...


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